'How to get to us'

This 'Underground Hetta' map was designed to provide a clear schematic as to how to connect to us from Central Europe.

The most direct option is obviously to fly directly into Enontekio airport but commercial flights only come and go 2 times per week in the main Spring season. Hence, most people fly, rather, into Kittila airport - the closest airport in Finland - and take an easy connection to us by bus. Another option is to fly to a more Southerly airport and travel overland by bus and train. It is worth noting that the 'best' / 'cheapest' route depends, to a degree, on the season since some routes are seasonal and last-minute charter options sometimes also apply.

For those who can more easily find flight connections from their home towns to either Sweden or Norway, then Kiruna, Tromso and Alta are all nearby options. To this end, we have separate 'how to get here' guides for each of the Nordic countries.