Husky Guide School

Many people are captivated by the lifestyle of husky guides and want to experience it for themselves. Others simply want to maximise their interaction with these unique dogs and to gain a real insight into everyday life in the Arctic whilst they are visiting this region. Still others are attracted by the battle between the physicality of the work and the severity of the conditions. Whether it is curiosity or adventure that drives you, you are more than welcome to join us - whether that be for 1 day or 1 year.

All of our training packages under a week in length are open to anyone. You will stay in comfortable accommodation and come in to join the guides during the working day, eating with us at lunchtime etc.

Longer-term packages involve a complex application process since we want to be sure that you are really aware of the realities of life in the Arctic and that you don't have a wholly romantic view of the work before we accept you since you will truly function as part of our farm and live in the guide house with our guides.